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Greater Than Jonah:


See Jonah recieve a calling from God.

See Jonah run away.

See Jonah hate his neighbor.

Don’t be a Jonah. Be greater than Jonah.


The story of Jonah is cautionary scripture to those willing to listen. We all have Jonah-esque apathy and disobedience in us. We all have a clear and distinct call from the Lord to ‘go and make disciples,’ but how many of us are actively walking through our local Ninevah’s proclaiming the Gospel (good news) of God’s kingdom? I suspect if we aren’t on a ship bound in the other direction, we at least have a boarding pass.

We can be greater than Jonah and do better than Jonah did. We have two things that Jonah didn’t – Jesus and each other!

Jesus is FAR greater than Jonah! Everywhere that Jonah failed, Jesus succeeded. We’ve been promised that we aren’t alone in our mission to ENGAGE our neighbors with gospel love and generosity. God is actively at work going before us.

We will be greater than Jonah together! At Journey Church, we like to say that faith is a journey we take together, and we mean it. We are created to be in community, and there are no more loving and grace-filled people than the church. Together, we support, love, speak truth, and push each other to be greater than Jonah.


Pastor Jeremy

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