The Table

In the Christian faith, gathering around a table with others holds profound significance.  It is a time-honored tradition that fosters a sense of community, love, and unity.  Breaking bread together nourishes the body and feeds the soul, whether it has gluten or not!

In this sense, the tables we gather around represent a microcosm of our identity here at Journey Church.  Depending on our eating style or what we like to eat, we are all some kind of messy.  God is actively at work through his presence with us and his provision for that which we partake.  The table is where joy, laughter, and shared stories abound.  It is a space where bonds are forged and strengthened, where people share not only food but also their hopes, dreams, and fears.  These gatherings remind us that faith, like life, is a journey best taken together.  The act of sharing a meal is deeply rooted in Christian history.  The Last Supper, or the Lord’s Table, where Jesus shared bread and wine with His disciples, is a central event in Christianity.  This meal symbolizes the body and blood of Christ, continuing a sacred connection between the creator and the created.  Every moment around a table is also a moment to express gratitude and remember God’s grace and mercy.

Furthermore, the table serves as a physical representation of the divine feast promised at the end of the Biblical story.  In the book of Revelation, a great heavenly banquet is described, where God will gather His people from all nations.  This eternal feast symbolizes the ultimate unity and joy Christians anticipate in God’s presence within the new heavens and new earth.  When followers of Jesus gather around a table, they catch a glimpse of this divine banquet, experiencing a foretaste of the eternal joy that awaits them in the Kingdom of God.


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