Community Connections

At Journey Church, we are actively involved in the following Outreach Ministries in neighborhoods, communities, and nations. To find out more about a specific outreach follow the link or contact our church office.

Bikes for Kids
A partnership with Marine View Presbyterian to collect donated bicycles that need restoration before being given to children needing bikes.
Bicycles may be dropped off at the church office during office hours.
Christmas Dessert
     A quality, family-friendly Christmas production that is held in our Worship Center each December and serves as an opportunity for people to invite friends and neighbors.


     Join us on December 8th & 9th as the Journey Church Christmas Dessert Theatre proudly presents:


Doc’s Holiday
A Christmas comedy set at the home of Doc Babcok.  Doc’s house is a special place. But then again, Doc is a special person.  He takes great joy from life and makes sure to share this zeal with all who cross his threshold, and many nutty and needy people do.  Unfortunately, the only one who doesn’t understand this is Doc’s daughter, Charlotte.  And she chooses Christmas time, of course, to tell Doc she is moving away.  This leaves Doc to decide whether to spend the Yule season with her in a different city or stay at home to help a separated couple get back together.  In the spirit of those old-fashioned, heart-warming comedies of Frank Capra or George Kaufman, this delightful Christmas play in two acts shows how things can work out if we all just pull together.


Event Hosting
We have a wonderful team of people who extend hospitality to groups renting our facilities by greeting, cleaning, setting up, serving, etc.
No Stairs Just Steps

A local closed AA group meets every Thursday at noon in room 214. If you have a desire to stop drinking, you are welcome to join for for some experience, strength, and hope.

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